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Dear Partner,

Our goal is to better organize the work of the terminal for our partners. We hereby inform You that from 01.06.2020 the trucks weighing procedure will be changed.

Hereafter, containers imported and exported by truck are weighed only on truck scale No. 1 next to the registration area of the HHLA TK Eesti AS container terminal, ie the buffer zone. When entering the truck with the container to be weighed to the terminal, the truck must drive to scale No. 1 and be weighed. After weighing and unloading the container, the truck should drive to the scale again and be weighed as empty. When receiving the container from the terminal, the process is analogous - before loading the container to the truck, the truck is weighed empty and before leaving the terminal the truck is weighed with the container.

The corresponding weighing procedure is corrected in terms of weighing processes and tariffs. Tariffs for both single and double weighing have been unified.

From our part, we will do everything possible to ensure that the implementation of the new weighing method goes smoothly for our partners. The most important goal of change is to provide quality services to our partners.

Please inform all related parties about changes in the operation of the HHLA TK Estonia container terminal. Please note that HHLA TK Estonia is not responsible for the lack of information provided to drivers on container weighing procedure and container will remain unweighted.


In case of additional questions, please contact us.


We look forward to сontinuing good cooperation!



Dear Partner,


Hereby please be informed, that due to change of EMTA opening hours from 19.03.20 HHLA TK Estonia AS terminal handles road transport in period Mon-Fri from 07:30 to 19:00, Saturday from 08:00 to 16:30.

NB! On Sundays and Public Holidays road transport is not served at the Terminal. In case of any changes in the work of the terminal, we will additionally inform You.

Dear Partner,


Thank You for understanding and we look forward to further good cooperation.
We hereby inform You that from 21.04.20 HHLA TK Estonia will electronically forward to EMTA all necessary documents for departure of road transport from Muuga port.

NB! In connection with the above, we kindly ask You not to send the documents required for departure of road transport from Muuga port to the EMTA address in the future.

From our part, we did everything possible to ensure the smooth transfer of documents to EMTA. The most important goal of change is to provide quality services to our partners.


We look forward to сontinuing good cooperation!

Dear Partner!


We hereby inform You that despite the difficult current situation in Estonia and the world caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the HHLA TK Estonia terminal is doing its best to continue working in a normal regime and to comply with our agreements.

The terminal has put in place the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the infection, to maintain the health of our employees and partners while trying to minimize disruption to our daily work.

We know our role as a stevedore company at the Estonian gate, as we are an important link between the transportation of goods that are important to the population, including basic necessities, and we can confirm that we will continue to provide our service in the best possible way. You may view our Emergency Plan on our website under COVID-19.

in case of necessity, we will keep up to date with changes in our organization both through the website and through our contact persons.


We believe that we can overcome this situation together.

Let's stay healthy and calm.


Your HHLA TK Estonia

Dear Partner,


Hereby please be informed, that the execution of an electronic document by the Terminal is a paid service - 25.00 EUR / electronic document. Free of charge formalization of an electronic document by the Terminal is possible only if a technical system failure found. In there is a technical failure, please contact by e-mail (attach a screenshot of the error and describe the problem).

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Stevedores at the Gates of Baltic

HHLA TK Estonia AS is a successful company established in 1996 offering complete stevedoring services. The main activity of the stevedoring service of Transiidikeskuse AS is concentrated on the container and general goods terminals operating in the free zone of Muuga Harbour of the Port of Tallinn.

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