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Dear Partner,


Hereby please be informed, that HHLA TK Estonia AS terminal handles road transport in time period Mon-Fri from 06:30 to 22:00, Sat-Sun from 08:00 to 16:30.

In other times the Services may be provided by Client`s prior request and to the Rates will apply coefficient 5.

Dear Partner,

We hereby inform You that on 24.12.19 - 26.12.19 and 31.12.19 - 01.01.20 the HHLA TK Estonia AS terminal is closed due to public holidays.

27.12.19 - 30.12.19 and 02.01.20 we operate as usual (Mon-Fri 06.30-22.00; Sat-Sun 08.00-16.30).

Please take into account this limitation in the planning of Your work.


Dear Partner,

Hereby please be informed, that from 09.11.19 the execution of an electronic document by the Terminal is a paid service - 25.00 EUR / electronic document. Free of charge formalization of an electronic document by the Terminal is possible only if a technical system failure found. In there is a technical failure, please contact by e-mail (attach a screenshot of the error and describe the problem).

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The info-day for our partners - container trucking companies.


Dear Partner,


Hereby please be informed, that the info-day will be held on November 20, 2019, at 10:00 in the large hall of the Muuga port building at Maardu tee 57.

During the info-day, we will discuss all questions of our Partners, that arose during work with the C-ONE portal and the use of electronic documents for registration of truck visits.

Additionally, on the info-day we will discuss the following topics:

1. C-ONE portal - registration of truck visit, filling in the required fields;

2. Registration of non-standard truck visits requiring additional services like fumigation, weighing. Processing of deviations/corrections of truck visit;

3. Procedure for entry and movement on HHLA TK Estonia AS territory

4. Safety instructions for Your employees operating on HHLA TK Estonia AS territory;

5. Communication of truck drivers with the accounting group/customer service Group;

6. Truck processing zones and traffic scheme in the territory of HHLA TK Estonia AS;

7. The possibility and necessity of time-slot solution for the processing of trucks;

8. Possible future changes in the processing of trucks on HHLA TK Estonia AS territory;

9. Questions/suggestions for our Partners.


See You at the info-day!


Stevedores at the Gates of Baltic

HHLA TK Estonia AS is a successful company established in 1996 offering complete stevedoring services. The main activity of the stevedoring service of Transiidikeskuse AS is concentrated on the container and general goods terminals operating in the free zone of Muuga Harbour of the Port of Tallinn.

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