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HHLA TK Estonia

HHLA TK Estonia AS offers customers all services related to handling of transit goods through the port by implementing “a single window” principle.


From a technological point of view we belong to the absolute top in our field. For servicing vessels we use the most advanced equipment and loading technologies. We handle a wide variety of vessels and types of goods, including RO-RO and LO-LO vessels, general goods, bulk material and goods transported in containers every day.

Our personnel have the highest qualification in the region. During 20 years of operation our team has gained a lot of experience, which gives the required assurance needed to service special customers with special needs.

The terminals of HHLA TK Estonia AS allow us to operate as a multifunctional operator. We can load, unload and store various goods: containers, including refrigerated containers, break bulk cargo, bulk materials, mixed cargo and goods requiring constant storage temperatures.

We use special software in the production process, warehouse management and bookkeeping connected to form a common information system. Our customers can monitor the balance of their goods in our warehouse and give loading/unloading orders via intranet, which connects them with our information system.

In handling and storing cargo we also pay a lot of attention to preserving the integrity of it and to guarantee the required storage life thereof. We have a high level of safety in our terminals; in addition to technical surveillance we also have manned surveillance in our territory operating 24/7.

We offer competitive tariffs for handling all good types.


Brochure of HHLA TK ESTONIA AS Terminal




We guarantee 24 h safety of the goods in our terminals.

The total area of the terminal and storage facility of HHLA TK Estonia AS is a perfect safety system operating 24 h, excluding the risk of theft or loss of goods or other criminal acts, which would endanger the completeness or integrity of goods. Terminals and storage areas are surrounded with fences that are equipped with electronic monitoring devices and other surveillance equipment. In addition we also have a manned security team. Access to terminals and storage areas is strictly regulated and to access certain areas special permits are needed.

As proof of high safety standards HHLA TK Estonia AS is also certified – we have an ISPS certificate.

It is important to note that in addition to cargo we also care about the safety of our own people. Occupational safety is a very important priority for HHLA TK Estonia AS. We implement strict occupational safety rules in all fields of the company and we also ensure that the guests, customers, external partners and drivers of our terminals and other people would be sufficiently safe and that they behave so that they do not endanger themselves or others.

All major activities of our terminals take place according to appropriate, precisely defined procedures and the equipment we use is constantly checked – by relevant electronic monitoring systems and also by inspectors.

Nodal point of Europe and Asia

An important part of the competitive benefits of the terminals of HHLA TK Estonia AS is the geographical location of Estonia – we differ from many other countries in the world by the fact that from a geographical point of view we are located in one of the nodal points of trade roads. Such points are sometimes also called "choking points" if to use military terms, since choking these points can paralyse trade exchange to a large extent. For instance Bab-el-Mandeb located between Yemen, the Arabian Peninsula, Eritrea, Djibouti and north of Somalia, which was a strategic logistical point for thousands of years in the transit of goods flow between the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean. In geopolicy a lot is spoken about the Strait of Hormuz, which is the only sea exit of oil drilled from the Persian Gulf to the world market. Many Russian goods have access to the world market and world goods to the Russian market via the Port of Tallinn and Muuga Harbour.

The terminals of HHLA TK Estonia AS are one of the leading operators of this nodal point. In such a way we, along with our know-how, the most advanced technology and personnel are a part of a supply chain, which besides the container terminal also includes vessel lines (responsible for the arrival of containers in the terminal of Muuga Harbour), car fleet companies belonging to Estonian railways and the private sector (whose cars are used for transporting goods), railway operator companies and forwarding agents active in Estonia and Russia (responsible for the complete logistics), and also road transport companies. In such a way HHLA TK Estonia AS is prepared for container trains to depart from its container terminals 24 h if needed. These container trains (such as “Baltica Transit” and “Zubr” for instance) travel without any failures and according to the schedules to Moscow or as route trains to the Central Asian countries. Our technological capability allows real-time monitoring of container trains, so that our partners and customers know the exact location of the trains at any minute and arrival time at the destination.

Speed and efficiency – information systems

HHLA TK Estonia AS has its role in global supply chains, where its partners are huge cargo owners, logistics specialists, forwarding agents and global vessel lines. In addition to physical reliability of terminal services our partners and customers must also trust the information they receive from us regarding movement of goods. Thus we make constant investments in our information systems to ensure reliability and integration thereof. To ensure transparent and at the same time quick and effective handling of goods we have invested in the most advanced software solutions for data exchange with customers, positioning of containers, controlling re-loading equipment, warehouse management, cooperation with governmental authorities such as customs and veterinary boards. In addition we have also invested in special programmes such as RTG for satellite positioning and RMI for inspection of the technical condition of re-loading equipment.

Digital Gate - an automated automotive service chain

Real-time monitoring of containers' condition


  • Loading/unloading of goods (containers, general goods, refrigerated goods, scrap metal)
  • Free zone storage services
  • Picking of goods and re-loading
  • Forwarding services
  • Changing ownership in free zone
  • Purchase and sales of goods
  • Value-added services
  • Renting, maintenance and repair of loading equipment
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