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Development Projects


In 2012 we re-arranged the service chain of road transport in the container terminal of Muuga Harbour by implementing a solution based on a digital gate. This system has already proven itself in real operation and has increased the efficiency of the terminal.


Berth No. 17 built and asphalted, bulit new railway line.


In 2016-2019, a covered warehouse of 12,000 m2 built and asphalted 4.5 hectares of area for storage and handling of containers. Equipment is renewed/ changed annually.

Ro-Ro (2017 and 2019)

In 2017 the Tallink line began Ro-Ro transportation along the Muuga-Vuossari route, and in the middle of 2019 the second Ro-Ro Eckerö Line began to cooperate with our company. Expanded lanes for Ro-Ro transport and reorganized traffic for container vessels. In cooperation with the Port of Tallinn and shipping lines (Talllink and Eckerö Line), the Ro-Ro movement for passenger cars was opened in the port of Muuga.

August 2019

The SOLVO TOS operating system is updated to optimize the performance of the HHLA TK Estonia terminal and to accelerate the process of servicing of customer Transport.

Solvo TOS is a comprehensive automated container terminal management system that covers the processes of receiving, storing, handling and shipping containers, as well as real-time document management of the container Terminal.

Advantages of this system:

1. Reduced vessel handling time;

2. Cargo planning by the Terminal;

3. Reducing the time spent on cargo and containers at the Terminal;

4. Reducing the number of container shifts during storage;

5. Reducing the processing time of vehicles;

6. Decrease in commercial rejects during paperwork;

7. Providing information on the availability and movement of containers to terminal employees and third-party users (shipping lines, agents, freight forwarders);

8. Providing the ability to execute and transmit documents by counterparties in remote access mode.


From 2020 our development plans: the purchase of two STS post-panamax cranes and installation on quay No. 17, the purchase of additional RTG cranes, port tractors, trailers, a tractor and small loaders. Recruitment of additional specialists is planned, if necessary, on-site training is possible.

Projects for the nearest future

The most important development project in the nearest future is to expand our covered storage area by 12 000 m2 and to expand our open storage area by 170 000 m2, which would meet the most different needs of our customers. Possibility to store the most different goods until there is a suitable time gap for forwarding it to the next point is an obligatory service modern terminal operators must offer. Related to this we have a new conceptual project to build a new and big complex of storage facilities.