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Management system and certificates

HHLA TK Estonia AS offers the customer the entire service spectrum of moving transit goods through the port on the principle of "one window".

HHLA TK Estonia AS has created, documented, and implemented a management system within the requirements of the standards ISO 9001: 2008 (quality management), ISO14001: 2004 (environmental management), ISO 22000: 2005 (food safety), and OHSAS 18001: 2007 (occupational safety). By complying with all the rules established within the management system, the company also ensures the continuous improvement of the entire system's efficiency. In addition to the aforementioned standards' requirements, the company's existing practice and legal requirements have been taken into account when creating the management system.


The scope of the management system:

  • stevedoring services
  • receiving, storing, and unloading goods
  • freight forwarding 

The vision of HHLA TK Estonia AS is to be the market leader in Estonian stevedoring with the support of the most flexible, fastest, and high-quality container and general cargo transshipment service.


The mission of HHLA TK Estonia AS is to be the preferred terminal operator in the Baltic Sea region, known for the best service quality and professional cooperation in its field.

Strategic competitive advantages of HHLA TK Estonia AS

The flexibility that allows us to adapt our activities to the customer's wishes.

We have the only specialized container terminal and refrigerated goods terminal in Estonia, in addition to multifunctional terminals. We have the largest warehouses in Estonian ports, both closed and open for the storage of general goods.

The speed ​​that ensures that the customer's goods move and move purposefully and without obstacles.

Fast management and operative information exchange ensure fast and high-quality service.

The versatility that allows us to serve all customers of the transit flow, regardless of the type of goods.

At our terminals, it is always possible to load, unload, and store any cargo: containers, bulk cargo, mixed cargo, and cargo that requires a specific temperature regime during storage.

We achieve these goals by following the management policy, acting according to specific work instructions, controlling and monitoring the service and its elements, and the systematic operation of the entire company to achieve a high-quality result.

Management policy

  • Our goal is to provide customers with services for reloading goods with such quality to meet our customers' requirements and, if possible, to exceed them.
  • Our activities are aimed at satisfying the requirements of all parties.
  • Our services are of uniformly good quality throughout the range of services offered. High-quality and safe service at a competitive price achieved through well-thought-out and efficient quality management.
  • We treat the environment sustainably and try to avoid unnecessary pollution. We use environmentally friendly materials and apply efficient technologies; we implement waste recycling.
  • The company's management is focused on taking care of its employees' health and preventing illness in accordance with the relevant regulations.
  • By following the requirements of the standards in our activities, we ensure the continuous improvement of the management system's efficiency.



  • Loading/unloading of goods (containers, general goods, referees, scrap metal);
  • Free zone storage services;
  • Assembling and reloading of goods;
  • Forwarding services;
  • Change of ownership of goods in a free zone;
  • Purchase and sale of goods;
  • Value-added services;
  • Rent, maintenance, and repair of loading equipment;
  • Warehouse rent;
  • Other joint developments with customers and partners in our terminal area;


An essential part of corporate governance at HHLA is compliance with statutory provisions that apply to its business activities and internal policies (hereinafter referred to as “compliance”). In this respect, HHLA takes its responsibility towards business partners, shareholders, employees, and the public very seriously.


As the core of the Compliance Management System, HHLA has introduced a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct contains superior principles concerning specific compliance topics such as business conduct in competition, prevention of corruption, conflicts of interest, and confidential information handling.


The Code of Conduct also comprises employees and third parties’ possibility of submitting notifications or hints about irregular behavior in the company. All notifications are treated confidentially and can also be submitted anonymously.


Professional training and intra-company media are employed to continuously inform the staff about the contents of the Code of Conduct and other in-depth subjects such as corruption prevention and behavior towards competitors. The group-wide coordination of the Compliance Management System is managed by the group compliance officer, who cooperates – inter alia - with the risk management and internal audit department. To preserve his independence, the group compliance officer reports directly to the executive board and the audit committee. In addition, he acts as an advisor and contact person for the staff and external parties in case of emerging questions concerning compliance.


In its relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors and other stakeholders, HHLA strives for a relationship of integrity, fairness, responsibility and sustainability, and expects its suppliers to follow the same principles. As a result, HHLA has also developed a code of conduct for suppliers.


To protect the interests and the confidence of all stakeholders, HHLA continuously enhances the current Compliance Management System.