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Training at HHLA TK Estonia AS


The HHLA TK Estonia training center provides training for new employees, as well as additional training to improve the skills of workers and specialists and to master new equipment delivered to the terminals.

The training center can conduct training for employees in the following specialties:

- docker;

- tallyman;

- warehouse manager;

- operator-technician of accounting group;

- customer service worker;

- dispatcher CT;

- forklift driver with a lifting capacity of up to 30t;

- driver of a bucket (frontal) loader;

- driver of a port tractor and all types of trailers used in seaports and container terminals;

- driver of cleaning equipment of various types;

- driver of container loaders of various types with a loading capacity of up to 45t (Shuttle Carriers, Reach-Stackers - Kalmar, Konecranes, Linde);

- operator of hydraulic cranes;

- operator of gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 40t;

- operator of WRG ZAGRO (installation for performing shunting operations with railway cars);

- Shiploader operator (conveyor for loading bulk cargo onto a ship);

- operator of container cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 50t:

• STS shore cranes

• container cranes on the RTG airway

• RMG railroad container cranes.


The training center has the experience of retraining gantry crane operators to work on ship cranes. In the retraining process, materials and manuals of crane manufacturers and the requirements of the Maritime Registers for the operation of ship cranes are used.