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Movement and entry on HHLA TK Estonia AS territory


HHLA TK Estonia AS (hereinafter referred to as TK) is located in the restricted territory of Muuga Harbor and can be accessed through a designated entrance or gate (hereinafter referred to as the entrance) according to the valid procedure.


1.Request, Processing and Issue of Admission


1.1 A request for access to the Territory of the TC shall be submitted preferably 24 hours before entering the territory by email to . TK Muuga secretary processes and issues a permission on working days from 8.00 to 16.00 after a request has been approved by a Head of a Department or HR, and forwards it to the security company. The security company allows persons and vehicles who hold a permit to enter the territory of TK through TK entrance 1 or TK entrance 2.


1.2 The application (appendix 1) or the information for issue of an application sent by e-mail must contain the following information:

- name of the applicant / company, registry code, postal address, name of the contact person, telephone, e-mail address;

- reason / cause for stay in the territory, description of the activity and place on the territory of the TK, contract number etc.

- start and end time of stay in the territory;

- list of persons and vehicles with the details (given name, surname, personal identification code, car make, model and registration number, driver, passengers).


1.3 The TK may refuse to issue a permit if TK finds out that a permit issued previously to the same person or company has been used in violation of TK's effective regulations, or has harmed TK's interests, or there is no justified need for the issue of a permit.


2. Entry of the persons to the territory of TK


2.1 Persons shall be admitted to the territory of TK on the basis of an application approved by e-mail by a Head of the relevant department and / or the head of HR or on the basis of application enclosed to this leaflet (Annex 1), and on the basis of a entry pass issued by the secretary of TK Muuga. TK Muuga's secretary forwards the entrance permit to the security company of TK, which allows the persons named therein to enter the territory.


2.2  NB! When moving within the work area of ​​the TK, persons must wear a yellow or orange signal vest and a protective helmet.


3. Admission to the TK territory


3.1 TK entrance 1 (Üleveo str) - Commercial vehicles (truck with trailer / container, etc.) are allowed to the territory of TK and out of it on the basis of documents issued beforehand by the accounting group.


3.2 TK entrance 2 (Veose str 9) - Passenger cars (including buses etc hereinafter referred to as cars) are allowed on the territory of TK on the basis of a legitimate request enclosed to this leaflet as Annex 1 (with the exception of the use of the entrance by forest trucks).


3.3 NB! When moving within the working area of ​​the TK, the vehicle shall be equipped with a working yellow flashing lamp and hazard lights on.


4. Procedures for movement on TK territory


4.1 This Procedure regulates a separate movement for the following "customer groups" (persons) in the TK territory:

- goods owners;

- excursions (for students, etc.);

- Surveyors;

- contract partners;

- guests.


4.2 All clients / guests In the territory of TK, if necessary, shall be accompanied by an employee of the relevant structural unit or terminal where guests are invited or an employee appointed by the management of the TK (hereinafter the guide).


4.3 Duties of the guide:


4.3.1 Meets the customer (s) / guest (s) at TK entrance 2.


4.3.2 Accompanies guests throughout their stay on the TK territory and upon their departure to the relevant entrance.


4.3.3 If necessary, ensures the safety of the client / guest and guides him / her while moving on the territory of TK.


4.4 TK Visitor Responsibilities:


4.4.1 Entry to and movement on the territory of TK is permitted only with the guide and upon prior approval of the head of the relevant structural unit of TK.


4.4.2 It is prohibited to make photos ro videos of the goods, territory, equipment, etc. with any equipment without prior approval of the TK.


4.4.3 Comply with general regulations on fire, electrical and working safety established on the territory of TK.



NB! Additional information: tel. + 372 6319 593, e-mail: